4 Different Ways to Go About Cloud Application Integration

eCommerce businesses or organizations that provide app-based services are switching to the cloud to reduce their backup costs and increase reliability. Cloud application integration combines the benefits of company-wide data protection, reliable internal processes, and user convenience that results from it. The cloud IT infrastructure can host all the applications on the same network and integrate them into one solution.

There are four popular approaches, and we have highlighted the salient features of each below. The final decision depends on your organization’s IT infrastructure and overall goals.

Integration Platform as a Service

iPaaS can quickly build and deploy complicated integration. You can connect two cloud-based networks and even merge a cloud-hosted application with a server-based system. If your company has an extensive portfolio of IT solutions and wants to integrate them without spending time on the operations, choose iPaaS. However, if your applications are niche or customized and require control over the operational aspect, this is not the right solution.

Software as a Service 

SaaS vendors and third-party software development companies in London provide products that have built-in integration potential. The market has a wide range of extension options available to facilitate easy integration for applications. However, SaaS offers little control over operations and is not as flexible as iPaaS. If you have a heavily customized solution, then neither embedded integration nor third-party vendors should be your go-to choice.

Enterprise Service Bus

This approach uses the integration software as a hub that connects all applications. It is excellent for isolated eCommerce solutions, CRM, supply chain management, and other applications for a widely spread company with multiple chains. The software architecture allows data exchange across different locations. You can choose the ESB if you want centralized control over all your branches or subsidiaries. However, we do not recommend it if your applications are not on the premises.

Direct Integration

The most versatile integration approach is direct with the use of a custom code. It can be through a standalone application or a cloud-based app. The most significant advantage it offers is that you can tailor all APIs that connect the application according to the organization’s needs. However, you need qualified software development companies in London to design and implement this solution.

Once you have integrated all your cloud applications into one architecture, it will streamline everything. However, the process requires meticulous planning. Suppose you lack the skills, then you can contact ISETech to help you out. We are one of the best software development companies in London that can help you implement a cloud environment.

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