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We use our CRM Consulting experience to help companies grow and prosper. You could say that we’re expert CRM software consultants.

If you already use a CRM (client relationship management) software, it’s our job to make sure you maximise its potential. If you are thinking about implementing a CRM for the first time, we’ll ensure you get the very best fit for your organisation. By doing so, the results you’ll achieve could seriously be nothing short of exceptional. A marked surge in sales and improved client retention are just two of the main benefits a CRM consultancy can produce.

CRM is all about business transformation. It’s about improving your workflow processes and maximising every possible opportunity for growth and streamlining. And because we are not tied to any one supplier of CRM solutions, we can provide a completely unbiased opinion as to what will work best for your workforce. Read more

A Team with Over 15 Years of Experience

Our team has cumulative experience of more than 15 years in providing enterprise scale solutions and CRM consulting services in following platforms


Microsoft Dynamics


Digital marketing agency in London

What our clients say

Why ISETech for CRM Consulting Services?

With the help of our CRM consulting services, you can improve the internal workflow processes and maximize efficiency. With a CRM software consultant, you have every opportunity to streamline the sales and marketing tactics and reap the full potential of their benefits. As consultants, we are used to working with all builds and types of CRM software and optimising them according to your unique requirements.

Client Relationship Management provides critical insights into the minds of the potential customer, and that information can be beneficial to the expansion of the company. CRM allows you to expand to new markets, increase sales, retain clients and augment business growth.

Fit-for-purpose solutions advice

It is crucial, when selecting a CRM solution, what is it that is fit-for-Your-purpose. Let us carefully study your requirements using our CRM consultancy experience and suggest a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

CRM Made easy for your organisation

A billion dollar system is worth nothing if it is not usable, and users not trained properly to use it. We pay attention to its usability, customise to make it easy to use, and train your staff.

Cost Effective solution providers

Ability to effectively streamline & manage process starting from sales through to customer support is important for organisations of all sizes. Our solutions do not cost a fortune!

Long-term relationship with
our valued clients

We strive to build long term relationship with our clients, as we believe in growing together. Count on us for all your customisation, maintenance & support requirements now and in future.

Ability to leverage gamut of
frontline technologies

It is crucial, when selecting a CRM solution, what is it that is fit-for-Your-purpose. Let us carefully study your requirements and suggest a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Articulate solutions for exceptional return on investment

It does not end at selecting best solution for your needs, implementation and execution take front seat at rollout stage. We work to make sure you get exceptional ROI at the end

Are You Looking for CRM Consultancy? We're Here to Help You.

Get a free discovery and strategy consulting session with one of our CRM experts before you decide. As independent CRM software consultants, we’ll find a best fit for you.


CRM Consultancy Services We Offer

ISETech provides full range of CRM consultancy services to help organisations translate their strategic business objectives around developing an enduring relationship for generating profits for a lifetime, and creating win-win situation on both ends of spectrum.

Technical Support

Technical support

Our clients receive after-sales support in the form of regular updates and upgrades. We monitor services and provide a quick response to all technical issues and complaints.

Project Management

Project management

During the project, our CRM software consultants communicate with clients to understand their objectives and integrate them into the solution. We make sure the system is compatible with your framework, and our knowledge of existing platforms equips us to handle such tasks.

Custom-build solutions

Custom-built solutions

Our developers design and implement CRM Consultancy that uses innovative thinking to approach the problem and puts the user first. We analyze any gaps in existing software and deploy training to ensure our clients are getting the most out of the software.

Niche software and updates

Niche software & updates

We work with clients from different industries, and we conduct the groundwork for each one to find out what their specific needs are. Our team regularly meets with clients to report progress and improve the solution.

Data and system migration

Data and system migration

We help with switching to newer software and migrating previous data to get all your records in one place. Validation and testing allow us to satisfy our clients by leaving no stone unturned.

Consultation and advisory

Consultation and advisory

As an established CRM consulting firm, we are used to guiding companies on their CRM strategy and helping them address problems existing in their current system. Our advisors have helped companies transform their customer relationships and gain massive ROI.

Benefits of a CRM Software Consultant

Enduring Relationship

Enduring relationship

Don’t stop at value you obtain from first transaction with your customer, develop an enduring relationship to generate profits for a lifetime.

Reduce cost and get better ROI

Reduce costs & get
better ROI

CRM Consultants and systems can reduce your customer acquisition costs in several ways, and help you sell more by improving your selling processes

Increase Revenues & retention

Increase revenues
& retention

Aim for larger share of wallet by expanding breadth & length of relationship with customer, let them use full range of your products & services

More selling opportunities

More selling opportunities

With right information at hand shorten the sales cycle, build & nurture relationships with new as well as your existing clients, & create more selling opportunities.

Better customer experience

Better customer

CRM software consultant makes it simple to keep customer information organized, allowing access to complete relationship information for great customer experience

Quality lead generation

Quality leads generation

Spearhead targeted marketing campaigns by leveraging CRM customer segmentation to identify and pursue quality leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Integrated business process

Integrated business process

Integrate your CRM with third party backoffice applications, as well as use it to manage all key workflows & processes such as quotes, contracts, and projects.

Enterprise CRM integration

How does a ‘significant’ increase in sales and productivity sound?
This could realistically be you in a matter of weeks with the help of our CRM software consultants.

Sales and marketing

Sales & marketing

Regular communications with your prospects through compelling marketing campaigns, and staying on top of sales process is life of any business.

Third party intergration

Third party integration

To get 360 degree view of customers, and capture important facts, it is vital to integrate various back-office ERP applications with your CRM

Document management

Document management

Integrate your CRM with document management systems portals to keep record of all your clients’ relevant documents for quick and easy referencing.

Call center and CTI

Call centre & CTI

CRM and call centre platform integration provides caller’s information in real time for effective communication, personalised response, and more.

Customer services

Customer services

Customer Care staff need customers’ data readily available for effective & satisfying service; to improve company value & business performance

BI & reports

BI & reports

Empower your team with actionable information to carry out day-to-day functions and conduct predictive analysis for suggested next actions

This is how we do it:
CRM Consultancy Process

It is not enough to have a CRM consultancy software; you have to understand what every number and projection means and how you can incorporate it into your business plan. If you are starting from scratch and need someone to design a solution and see through the project to its implementation, then we are the CRM software consultants for that.

hire dedicated development team

Consultation meetings

We begin by conducting meetings with our clients and learn more about their existing CRM process and how they are using it. It is where we can set goals and objectives for the project and figure out what your expectations are. If your business is new to CRM, then that is the ideal situation because we can start afresh.

hire dedicated development team
hire dedicated development team
Line reverse
hire dedicated development team


It is where our team comes together and plans out the updates and innovations required to achieve the set targets. ISETech CRM consultant UK takes all parameters and constraints into account and comes up with the best possible solution for your system.

hire dedicated development team

The blueprint & recommendations

Once we have our battle plan, we’ll create a full proposal outlining our strategy. We communicate our proposed solution with the delivery schedule for all stages to our clients. The document’s recommendations will be succinct, simple to review and easy to implement. The presentation will outline our strategy and what kind of work it will entail, including the capabilities of the new CRM system.

hire dedicated development team
hire dedicated development team
Line reverse
hire dedicated development team

The implementation

Our CRM consulting team makes the system changes and updates according to the proposed timeline. We hold regular meetings for feedback and discussion, which ensures the project is moving in the right direction. The comments from our discussions are then used to create a clear and succinct user manual for training your team, before the system goes live. The implementation is a combined process, and we involve our clients in it, so they are comfortable with the new system once it goes live.

hire dedicated development team

The result

Increased productivity, more sales, improved client relations, a happier workforce. The list just goes on and on. And never forget, we are here to support you once the implementation is complete. We’re only interested in a successful outcome.

hire dedicated development team

Read on ISETech Blog

Building a Customer Experience Through CRM

The customer’s experience with your company, its products, and services is what CRM should aim to improve. The system helps businesses understand how customers relate to their products or services.

Many companies neglect the customer’s experience and their impressions of the business. CRM consultancy can help to automate internal processes and assist the customer service team. The sophisticated technology can give a keen overview of the customer and their habits which you can leverage to your advantage.

If you would like improved selling processes, increased productivity, more accurate forecasting and better client relations, do one of these four things:


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a service where you hire an expert to work on the Client Relationship Management part of your organisation. They usually provide one of the following types of services: a- process or management consultancy, functional consultancy, or technical consultancy. ISETech specialises in technical consultancy, which covers installation, customisation, integration with third-party platforms, and setting up user accounts.

Process or the Management Consultant works alongside the client organisation to optimise the overall process related to the client care and client relationship, including gaining, retaining & growing the clientele.
A functional Consultant is someone who sets up the users on any CRM platform, implements processes on to the CRM platform as recommended by the Process Consultant, etc.
The Technical or the Software Consultant is someone who does the programming or coding part of the business. This includes software customisation and integration with existing or third-party software systems etc.

There is no silver bullet rule for that. Every CRM has its pros and cons, and it all depends on organisation’s needs. Some are free of cost however are limited in terms of their capabilities, others have a larger price tag but come with a plethora of features. Most of the time, not all the features offered by such platforms are needed by the organisation. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the needs of the organisation and to get impartial advice on what CRM is best for your business.

There are short courses available online and offline. It is important to decide whether you want to specialise in a CRM platform that has a big client base, thus lots of job opportunities, however that may come with fierce competition in the industry. You may also want to specialise in some sort of niche, i.e. a CRM platform that is specifically or especially for a particular sector or industry.