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Let us revitalise your legacy systems – through innovation – synching them with your digital business transformation strategy.
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Digital transformation consulting

While looking for a digital transformation consulting firm, at times people think of digital transformation as something to do solely with cloud computing, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. However, few know what the term means and how it can benefit an organisation. The transformation process is not the same for every enterprise, so that it might be a confusing concept.

Essentially, digital business transformation integrates digital technology into business areas, changing how they operate and adding value to their customers’ lives. The role of a digital transformation consulting firm or consultant is not only to look into and improve the hardware and software change but a cultural and process reset that encourages innovation by exploiting cutting-edge modern technologies to outperform competitors, be shock-proof, and prepare for failure.


trillion dollars expected added business value generated by digital transformation


of companies plan to boost investment in innovation in 2021


of companies have the innovation systems and processes in place to drive consistently exceptional results

Digital marketing agency in London

Digital Business Transformation Process

Digital business transformation is not only about technology upgrade or integration, there is a lot more to it. It involves fundamental changes in processes, operations and the way everyday operations are carried out. Technology being part of the overall landscape, your business goals drive the technology, and not the other way round.

This is how your digital transformation lifecycle will look like with us:

  • Auditing legacy systems
  • Gap analysis
  • Technology upgrade matrix
  • Modernisation roadmap
  • Digital transformation plan execution

Technical Action Plan For
Digital Business Transformation

With ultimate objective of digital business transformation, and with your businesses processes, objectives, and priorities in mind and in-depth understanding of technology landscape of your organisation, ISETech prepares the technical action plan for:

Platform upgrade

Applications upgrade

Digital marketing agency in London

The Benefits of Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation consulting is about redefining business processes and improving internal workflows, with the help of technology and BPR. The most significant benefit to it is the number of resources and time the employees and customers save. Employees are free from performing mundane tasks because they have automated solutions in place. Executives have more time to explore creative avenues and unlock new business opportunities as well as revenue streams.

Enterprise-wide connectivity

Well orchestrated processes in sync with organisational short-term as well as long term strategy are not the only ingredients required for synergy in today’s digital world. The ever growing need for data & information flow, interoperability, and intra-organisational communications are crucial too.We’ll ensure your legacy and modern systems are interconnected and operate seamelssly. The on-premise and Cloud systems integrated, and various technologies used across the organisation are interoperable. All for optimal business performance to achieve your organisational goals.
Digital marketing agency in London

How Our Digital Transformation Consulting Experts Can Help You

For those businesses who are only beginning their journey towards digital transformation, it would be better to have digital transformation consulting services. The consultant can bring a fresh perspective and uncover any blind spots or hidden potential you might have overlooked. The consultant comes with industry knowledge and tools to help them understand the dynamics of your target market and follow the typical customer journey.

Their insights combined with their expertise can help your team build an effective strategy for digital business transformation. The consulting services do not end there. If need be, they can stay for the implementation and beyond that too. They will offer support for monitoring and measuring the outcomes of the strategy as well.

People - at the heart of everything - while undergoing digital business transformation

While undergoing digital business transformation, user satisfaction is the most important element in entire projects planning and execution. That is, a solution that is people-centred as well as powerful enough to meet the goals of modernising your legacy systems, or incorporating new ones. An element of the people-centred digital transformation process is achieved by focusing on usability and ease of use aspects across the board. This is achieved by exploiting tried and tested cutting-edge technologies and desired user experience expectations by end-users.

User-centred design

User Journey Mapping

UI-UX Audit and Design

User Research

User Testing

Quality assurance & testing

We don’t leave the success of our projects to coincidence.
Our projects are hard work concluded by extensive testing to ensure quality of what we deliver.

Test automation

Functional testing

Performance testing

Usability & user acceptance testing

Migration & integration testing

Functional testing

Localisation testing

Software regression testing

Digital marketing agency in London

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