Build your own dedicated and fully
integrated software development team of engineers

Our skilled recruitment team is ready to put together your highly experienced dedicated team of software engineers, to help you move faster.
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Hire a dedicated team of 4 to 20+ engineers, programmers,
analysts, and testers to accelerate your digital transformation

It’s time to leverage outsourcing software teams to become agile and to stay competitive.We provide you with your own dedicated software development team of engineers that are tailored to your needs

We are highly experienced in outsourcing dedicated teams. When you partner with us; we carefully handpick the most talented and skilled engineers for your project who will be fully integrated with your organisatio. Our dedicated team of engineers use industry-specific knowledge to custom-tailor solutions that will meet your unique needs and help you succeed.

Dedicated team 

Hire top 2% engineers dedicated to work for you fulltime. A team experienced and capable of delivering great value.

Staff augmentation

Do you need extra talent to complete your project on time? Extend your team by adding talented engineers.

Project based

This option works best if you know that scope and resources are known and limited, get best value of your money.

DevOps consulting, cloud consulting, application development environment, code management

Our recruitment team has been working for 8+ years,
and hired hundreds of dedicated software engineers

Over the years we’ve hired talented and highly skilled engineering resources both for internal projects as well as third-party overseas clients. This helped us learn, brush up, and hone our HR engine to deliver top-quality fit-for-job resources.

100s of Applicants

Based on your criteria, we custom tailor job description to attract the most relevant candidates

Skill test & Interview

Out of all the applications, less than 10 pass the rigorous skills test & invited for interview.

Aptitude & Cultural Fit

Filtered candidates are further scrutinised for aptitude and cultural fit criteria - to find best 3.

Superhero Selected!

Finally - after all the legwork - a superhero is selected to become part of your team!

Why ISETech for dedicated software engineering teams?

We know what the moving parts are, and we can take care of it.

We strongly believe the onshore as well as offshore software development outsourcing model can always bring the right value to your organisation - but only if done correctly. With changing global landscape and how work is done - especially in tech world - the focus has changed from saving a little cost by hiring low-cost teams to hiring top quality smart engineers and teams with ability to deliver great value for time and money.
Transparency in
A Pool of
Top 2% Talent
Timezone Aligned
Working Hours
Scalable Tech
HR Solutions

Dedicated software engineering teams for these technologies

Addressing your
business's IT staffing
needs is our business

Your Team

Your Work Culture

Stay in Control

Your R&D

Transparent Communications

Product & MVP Development

Maintenance & Support

Are you interested in
outsourcing with us?

Is access to talent, hassle of hiring and retaining highly-skilled engineers, the challenge of maintaining infrastructure getting in the way of your digital transformation?

Contact us to hire the top 2% of engineering professionals.

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    Make the most talented engineers
    part of your organisation

    Through our exceptionally talented engineers we help you deliver innovative and competitive results:
    Your Requirements
    First things first; we define your projects goals and business needs
    CRM software consultants work with you to set goals for your project
    Your Own Dedicated Team
    We tailor pick the most talented engineers for your organisation and project from a pool of highly experienced professionals
    Your Control & Culture
    We make sure that your culture and your vision is fully represented by the team of engineers we put together for you
    ISETech's dedicated software development team delivers solutions tailored to your needs
    Our Operational Support
    From administrative and logistical tasks to setting up your team, we handle all operational work while you focus on your business
    CRM consulting increases your productivity and sales
    Cost Reduction & Success
    As you’ll reduce hiring costs by partnering with an outsourcing firm, you will have more resources to devote to your project. At the end, ISETech’s dedicated team will provide you an end-to-end delivery with tailor made technologies that will scale up your business and help you succeed.
    CRM consulting increases your productivity and sales

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