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Is SMS Marketing Still an Effective Method?

Digital marketing technology is being developed at a rapid pace. You can now accomplish a lot with analytics power with artificial intelligence and virtual reality-fueled experiences. This also means that companies are so invested in the new that they forget about the old. The standard text message is the most basic yet powerful marketing tool. It might seem old-fashioned to you, but it is the best way to do things especially when you need to change up your marketing strategy.

Every mobile phone whether it is a smart device or not can receive text messages. A text message shows up on the screen and sends a notification sound that is louder and more distinct. The recipients are more likely to check their screen for a text message than for an email or app notification.

However, SMS marketing can be tricky and you should plan the campaign with care. You can find a digital marketing agency in London that specializes in SMS marketing to help you.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

There is a lot of value hidden in text messages and you can generate several leads with the right words. This is a form of direct communication that brings a lot of benefits.

SMS is the most commonly used communication platform even today. Everyone sends or receives texts at least once a day. Those who do not have access to the internet rely on it for staying in touch. It is also useful for reaching an older demographic.

Another advantage of text messages is that there is no spam filter for them and they have a higher chance of being read by the audience. At least 98% of users open and read their text messages while only 20% read their emails. You do not need to employ SEO to optimize the text either.

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SMS can also be used to deliver coupons to customers and inform them about exclusive offers. You will be doing them a favour because they are more likely to have the message on hand when they need it. They can access it with ease during checkout.

The marketing agencies can come up with ways to engage your SMS subscribers. It is one of the most cost-efficient marketing techniques. You can acquire dozens of new customers without spending a lot of money. However, you should be careful with the volume and frequency of text messages.

Be Direct

Text messaging gives you a direct communication link with your audience. You can keep them engaged with your content and also see the benefits. However, you should use it sparingly and only when necessary. If you send a special offer or announcement using SMS, the customers will be happier to see your name in their inbox. You do not have to repeat words like in SEO services in London and the shorter the message the better.

Keep it simple and see extravagant returns!

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