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Attracting talent, training, and retaining has always been a huge challenge, especially in the tech. sector. These HR dynamics become even more important when it comes to delivering the projects on time, with tight budgets, and great customers or stakeholders expectations. A gap in the IT function can be fatal, be it software developers or DevOps engineers, UI/UX experts or QA/Testing engineers, Database developers or solution architects. ISETech, with our IT outstaffing services, is here to help you with over a decade of experience in IT and HR, and ready supply your enterprise highly trained and experienced resources.

Outstaffing Consultancy

Are you considering an IT outstaffing company? Our IT and HR consultants will help you with making the right choice. The choice and options for the engagement model, the kind of technical expertise needed, and successful execution of the project.

Fully Managed Teams

ISETech helps organisations by taking the burden of hiring and retaining HR talent by supplying competent, highly skilled, top technical talent. We take care of all the operations, administrative, and HR issues by supplying fully managed teams on Time & Material basis.

Top Remote Dedicated Teams

We are a leading outstaffing services provider with a range of solutions custom-tailored to your specific requirements. By choosing us as an IT outstaffing company, you extend your organisation’s technical capabilities, without getting in tedious legwork. Let us handle the hassles so you can stay focused on your core business.

Support You Need

We understand it is extremely important to retain the knowledge of your software project or product in your company. Therefore, our outstaffing experts work tirelessly alongside your team (e.g. product owner) to complement it, thereby helping you with current development and future project/product roadmap.

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Why ISETech as preferred IT Outstaffing Company

As an IT outstaffing company, we not only supply you with the technical resources but also make sure your project kicks off and concludes successfully.
Software engineers and other technical resources provided by us seamlessly integrate with your project and the team. Their professional maturity and relevant past experience help them deliver the results right from the beginning.

Benefits of our outstaffing services

Our IT Outstaffing services give you access to the top 5% of IT talent. Our HR experts, using time-tested CV scanning and filtering process, in consultation with technology experts in the recruitment team scan hundreds of candidates’ profiles. You will then be able to select the best 3-5 candidates from this list. See more benefits below:

Full control over the
development process

Variety of expertise and

Significant cost

The simple and fast hiring process

No administrative burden

We can supply top talent in the following technologies, and more...

Our Outstaffing Process

Let’s walk through the entire IT outstaffing services process at ISETech. How can you have your outstaffing team?

Team requirements & JDs

Your outstaffing project starts with reviewing the JD, i.e. studying and understanding your exact requirements. Based on your project, our input or feedback at this stage is given to our clients.

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CVs Selection

Our sourcing specialist filters, sources, and selects the most relevant CVs. We continuously work tirelessly to replenish our talent pool to give you the shortest possible lead time.

Team Interviews & Selection

As the laborious process of initial screening, phone calls, emails, and interview invites is done, we start the interviews. We welcome your participation in actual interviews, giving you an chance to ask questions and see the candidate firsthand.

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Recruitment & Agreement Signing

Based on the interview, your preferred candidates are shortlisted and identified as potential hires. With all done and dusted so far, we offer you to sign the agreement. Once done, finalists are offered the position.

Project Kick-off

We set up your new hires and make them available to start working for you. This is the phase of our IT outstaffing services where we make sure the resources get logistical support to perform to the best of their abilities. Project monitoring and client success is more important to us than winning new business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outstaffing helps businesses in many ways. This method of working not only saves your money and time but also helps you find the experts without any hassle. ISETech is a well-known IT outstaffing company that provides a variety of solutions tailored to your individual needs. With our assistance you can get the greatest IT expertise for your business growth. We guarantee that our clients will have complete control over the outsourcing process. You may discover the easiest and smoothest recruiting procedure while saving money and effort. When compared to in-house employment with our help you can save time to enhance your productivity. If you have
any doubts or are hesitant about outsourcing take expert help from the ISETech teams. Our support team is available 24/7 for your assistance and our IT experts are always ready to address your queries.

ISETech believes in offering services to organizations of all sizes and all types. We have a long list of diverse clients. All these clients are from a different field of interest that includes banking, education, tourism, import/export, health care, and so on. No matter what type of business you are or what sort of products or services you are selling, in this digital era, if you want to develop your business, you must have an online presence. Every firm needs developers and IT specialists for this. In case you are not an IT company, it will be hard for you to hire the appropriate IT professionals for your assistance. That is where ISETech comes forward and makes certain that our IT outstaffing services are convenient for you. We at ISETech ensure to share your burden so that you can focus on your business growth.

No, there is no charge for demonstrations or introductory sessions. We have presented a simplest way to contact our team to schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our representatives. We understand that it is not easy for businesses to select a partner for their major tasks such as hiring and IT services. As a result, we encourage you to contact our professionals. They are always ready to address your queries. Contact us through our website

As an IT employment agency, we not only supply technical professionals but also guarantee that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Most businesses provide partial control over their services. They offer you their personnels but retain complete control and you can only obtain their advice. We do, however, supply software engineers and other technical resources that are easy to incorporate into your project and team. Unlike many other firms, we supply you with resources based on your needs rather than imposing them on you. Our professionals are completely skilled. Their professional maturity and relevant past experience enable them to deliver results right away.

Absolutely! We serve our clients all across the world. No matter where you are in the world, we can assist you without any difficulty. Many people believe that hiring an IT staff outside of their region will be difficult owing to time differences. ISETech, on the other hand, feels that this will work to your benefit. Assume you live in the USA and recruit workers from the United Kingdom to work for you around the clock. You may assign them a job at the end of your working day and have it completed before the start of your next working day. That means our staff will be available to you 24 hours a day