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5 Apps Industries that Are Going to Boom in 2021

Mobile applications now offer more functionality than ever, and people turn to them for all purposes. As we settle into this brave, new post-pandemic world, we seek our mobile phones as a way to stay connected and nourish our brains. App development UK has seen a few categories emerge as the most popular, and we break down each one.

E-learning or Classroom Apps

Distance learning has become the norm, and classrooms worldwide are now moving to a virtual setting. Many private schools have come up with their applications to help students and parents keep track of classes, homework and assignments. Other tools provide resources to teachers to help them prepare lectures, conduct quizzes and provide feedback. The digitalization of education continues to be popular and will remain in the top trends for 2021 too.

Finance and Money Management

The economic uncertainty and mass downsizing have left many people worried about their finances. Physically going to the bank is also out of the question, so many financial institutions came up with their apps. Stocks trading, investment and monitoring apps are also on the rise because people are looking at other ways to make money. App development UK has a separate branch called Fintech that focuses entirely on financial and fiscal mobile and smartphone applications.

DIY Craft Projects Staying at home and facing a decline in income sources has encouraged people to get creative. There was an increasing trend towards home renovation, decor and money-saving hacks. Families and couples used their time at home to redo their house or get to tasks they otherwise wouldn’t have the time to do. It was also a time to get rid of existing clutter, and instead of throwing it away, many decided to reuse their items and upcycle them into something new.

Fitness and Workout

Staying at home caused most to put on a few pounds, and it was only natural they seek ways to burn it off. App development UK also focused on workout regimens and to keep track of daily exercises. Besides fitness, wellness apps for meditation and relaxation are also top-rated now because they help users destress and let go of their anxiety.

New Skills and Courses

Many spent their time productively by working on their professional and personal skills. Learning apps for foreign languages, certifications and other online courses are more popular than ever. Many also introduced a certificate feature to help their users add useful skills to their resume.

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