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SEO Tips: Links are Out, Endorsements Are In

Search Engine Optimization helps your website gain the top ranking in search engine results for specific keywords. Apart from using targeted words and phrases, link building is another way to improve SEO ranking. The links redirect traffic to your website and help build its credibility.

However, recently the algorithm and rules for SEO have changed, and linking is no longer a crucial part of the marketing strategy. Now SEO experts have to do more research and choose the most relevant keywords, which can be even more effective when combined with traditional link building.

How Link Building Evolved

Previously SEO marketers would go to great lengths to generate links and take advantage of its effect on the search engine ranking. However, it often led to unethical practices, which included malicious, bought, or farmed links.

The marketing teams would stuff content with links and resort to dishonorable actions for generating links from external websites with no regard for the quality of the content.

Google was alerted by users about their unpleasant browsing experience, and it put an end to such measures by introducing stricter rules and taking many webpages of their search engines.

They place greater importance on quality than quantity, and links are not a necessary part of the marketing strategy. You can still use links if you have reputable sources but do not worry if you don’t.

New SEO Practices

SEO marketing strategies have to evolve and look behind the scope of links to develop content. The first and foremost step is to improve the relevancy of keywords and use them an appropriate amount.

There are not better ways to gain the visitor’s trust and improve the page’s visibility.


Having other businesses mention your brand can build a positive image and boost the company’s worth in the public’s eye. Even if they do not link to your site, being mentioned by name is enough to count. When users see the business name, they will search for it and bring it up in the engine results.

Another way to get mentioned is through citations or public listings that have information about local businesses. They are the modern-day Yellow Pages and gather relevant information for the convenience of the general public. These websites have the address and contact number for companies and help improve their standing in the market.


A recommendation or endorsement from a customer can help undecided shoppers spend money at your store/business. It removes their suspicions about the product and builds their confidence in the product. Online reviews are an integral part of online marketing now.

Potential customers are more likely to trust their peers than advertisements by public figures. There are many platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., where anyone can rate a product, business, or service to help others.

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