DevOps & Cloud

Let us take care of your software delivery process;
with efficiency, accuracy, faster, and more frequently.

Streamline your DevOps with our
consulting services and solutions

Using the cutting-edge technologies, tools, frameworks, and platforms let us orchestrate the your existing as well as new infrastructure to bridge the gap between your Dev and Ops teams. Thus, helping you integrate, build, and deploy software.

We totally understand streamlining the DevOps is far beyond just the technology. We specialise in technology, and that is the part of spectrum we’ll cover for you

Dedicated team 

Hire top 2% engineers dedicated to work for you fulltime. A team experienced and capable of delivering great value.

Staff augmentation

Do you need extra talent to complete your project on time? Extend your team by adding talented engineers.

Project based

This option works best if you know that scope and resources are known and limited, get best value of your money.

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Improve tech-landscape of your organisation for effective digital transformation and efficient DevOps processes implementation, with our consultancy
services and solutions
DevOps consulting, cloud consulting, application development environment, code management

Code repositories

- Dev, stg, and prod environments setup
- Health check for optimal performance
- Best practices implementation
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Pipelines integration

- Engineering solutions
- Pipelines setup
- Health check
DevOps consulting, cloud consulting, application development environment, code management

Project management

- Change management
- Task management
- Bug tracking
Reasons to believe in ISETech
for DevOps consulting
Experience & expertise
Proven track record
On-going support
100s of projects

DevOps tech-stack we work with


DevOps Tech-stack we work with

Simplified software delivery
at maximum velocity
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Continuous integration

Let your development teams continuously push the bug fixes, code improvements, and new features through a click, sending everything to a central & easily manageable repository
DevOps consulting, cloud consulting, application development environment, code management

Continuous delivery

No matter what development stack your application uses, we'll set up automatic pipelines that prepare to code for automatic releases.
DevOps consulting, cloud consulting, application development environment, code management

Continuous deployment

Before the code is sent to the Cloud application server, it should be checked & verified to avoid failures. We'll set up everything for smooth deployment.

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ISETech provides a broad range of technology services to help organisations translate their strategic business objectives into IT initiatives and solutions.