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How Staff Augmentation Can Assist with Company Growth

Why Staff Augmentation is Gaining Popularity in IT

Staff augmentation is a good solution for situations where the current employees are unable to keep up with the organization’s needs. It is usually required when a company takes on a larger project or is in the process of growing hence, they have to deal with several new tasks.

For cases like this, the in-house team is unable to meet deadlines and requires additional help on an urgent basis. This is when IT companies outsource to other firms but those who want to retain control over how things are done can choose staff augmentation. This is a better solution than hiring contractual employees because the employee turnover rate can negatively affect the company morale and cause them to lose valuable employees in the process.

With the outbreak of COVID-9, there were fears of massive layoff and unemployment but the IT industry continued to thrive due to staff augmentation. Video conferencing tools, remote work and vibrant online communities enabled many organizations to adapt to the new normal. They also used staff augmentation to fill the remaining gaps.

With staff augmentation, companies are able to find the relevant skillset needed for their business to expand. They can search for employees with experience in blockchain or cloud computing by requesting staffing firms who can get someone to fill the role in a matter of hours.

Leading to Growth

Through staff augmentation, tech companies can have access to the most talented individuals in the field not only in local markets but abroad as well. Remote work has made it possible for people to collaborate on a global scale. It is also very easy to find the right candidate and it does not require a lot of resources.

These services are extremely useful for companies going through the transition period of expansion. The process begins with hiring freelancers and then building trust and evaluating their work before extending their employment. They can help manage the additional workload that a growing company is bound to experience.

Business executives can handover entire projects to teams they have hired through staff augmentation. Since this is a tried and tested technique, IT companies turn to staffing agencies whenever they need extra hands-on deck. They get highly skilled labor to work on a project and do not have to spend the time or money interviewing and recruiting.

Managers go to staff augmentation companies who can keep up with their workload and also minimize the expenses. With offshore teams they are able to hire at a fraction of the cost and also avoid having to spend on additional benefits. The staffing agency is in charge of insurance and additional human resource matters; hence the solution is ideal for companies in that internment stage that just want their projects completed on time.

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