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Things You Should Know Before You Begin Application Modernization

Any company undergoing a digital transformation also has to consider application modernization to make sure all facets of their business are up to speed. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your applications and to reap them you have to be mindful of a few points which we have compiled here.

Think Big Picture

Before companies embark on a digital transformation project, you need to set your expectations. This involves figuring out the end goals and using them to define a checklist for success. You can make sure that application modernization will help your company improve the customer experience and also reduce the response time and error rate.

Complete Analysis

You need to analyze the legacy systems and check how interdependent the processes are before you move towards application modernization. It is important to check you do not lose any critical data during the process. You should also be aware of the app’s current performance so you know what measures have to be taken. The comprehensive analysis will allow you to plan the project without wasting time and resources. You can also prioritize tasks from the infrastructure to quality and its impact.

Select an Approach

It is important that you know which application modernization approach would be best for your legacy system. You could lift the entire code and move it to a new host if you only want to update the infrastructure. If the code is outdated too, then you can rewrite and restructure the entire app. Some digital transformation only requires you to add some new features to enhance the

functionality of the software. Once you have your goals set out, you will know which approach would be best.

In with the New

Through application modernization, you get the opportunity to add new technologies to the infrastructure. You can use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, speed recognition, the internet of things, blockchain, and other automation tools to make your system powerful and secure.

Pay off Technical Debt

Many developers while designing a system might take shortcuts to meet deadlines. During digital transformation, you can replace the convenient code with the ideal version. This is another chance for you to ditch any unideal approaches that were previously taken. You do not have to carry the technical debt forward and can pay it off by putting in some additional work.

Upgrade Test Automation

When you have a strong test automation system in place, it is easier to establish a baseline for the functionality of the app. The test automation helps with regression testing and minimizes the risk of any changes in the system due to modernization. There is also less effort required during testing.

Hire a Competent Team

Application modernization is no cakewalk and, it requires a lot of skills and expertise. You should hire teams with digital transformation experience to handle the project. Small mistakes can end up costing a lot of money, hence you should hire a team that knows the intricacies involved.

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