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The Best Programming Languages for App Development

You need a reliable programming language to create a great mobile application. The code has to be functional and scalable, so any future expansion is a piece of cake. You need to look for specific properties in a language if you want to develop high-performing apps. There are many language options but listed below are the ones we use for application development UK.


Even after 25 years, Java continues to be the leading choice for programming apps. Developers are loyal to it because it is the easiest to learn and has the most extensive support community. Any time you are stuck with a problem, you look online and find the solution immediately. The Android OS uses Java code, and it is the language of choice for Android application development UK. It has a simple syntax and codes are more convenient to follow than other languages.


Kotlin is the new and improved version of Java which has incorporated all the old language’s best features and added modernity. Developers prefer Kotlin because it is similar to Java in simplicity and has a straightforward setup. The open-source language is free for all and compatible with any platform. It supports development in all environments, which adds to its versatility. The best part about Kotlin is that it is interoperable with Java. You can add Kotlin code to an existing Java project without affecting it in any way.


Swift saw a meteoric rise in its popularity after they released it in 2014. Developed by Apple to dominate the coding world, the language has become the tool of iOS application development UK. It is fast, quick to learn and created with user-friendliness in mind. There are built-in features that provide design feedback in real-time. It keeps the code clean and minimizes errors. With Swift, you can write code faster because there is no need to perform and manual tasks. Complex code is optimized, and developers only need to focus on what is essential.


Objective-C is Swift’s older sibling and has a reputation for being the wiser alternative. It is a superset of C and one of the oldest languages that makes any code compatible with C and C++. Application development UK has been using the language for 30 years, primarily for iOS. It is a mature language with well-tested functionalities. Objective-C is the powerhouse behind many successful apps. It is a dynamic language, and you can choose between both dynamic and static typing modes.

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