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5 Useful Marketing Tips for Your New Mobile Application

Whether you have just started the application development UK or are only planning for it, it is never too early to create a marketing plan for it. Marketing mobile apps are different than traditional advertising and require a unique approach. There are various ways you can promote your version and make sure it receives the proper attention. We have listed the most effective ones here.

  1. Start Early

Make sure your target audience is excited long before the app launch date. Early promotion works well for such products because you get more exposure that way. It can be as simple as a ‘Coming Soon’ sign on your website to get the message out. Refrain from posting about the launch date because the application development UK timelines are always unreliable, and it may cause customers to lose interest.

  1. Link the Website

It is shocking how many companies forget to link the application on their website. A direct link for the application store will help direct more people to the download page. Make sure your website advertises the new mobile app in big, bold letters. All the effort should not go to waste, and you should mention the app as often as you can with the download links. Customers are lazy and less likely to go through the actions of looking up the application.

  1. Add it to Emails

Your email subscription list is the best platform for self-promotion. Confirmation emails are most likely to be ready carefully so plugging in your app produces the best results. Email marketing works because you target people who had expressed an interest in the company when they willingly signed up to receive updates. They are the ones most likely to download your app.

  1. Offer Incentives

Most users download apps and then never go back to them. Offering an incentive gives them a reason to use the app instead of the website or physical store. Application development UK takes this into account and adds promotion for first-time and even returning users. It could be a discount, special offer or other monetary incentives that they will consider worth downloading a new app.

  1. Write Guest Blogs

The second-best thing to your blog is having your company featured on someone else’s. Guest blogging increases exposure to newer audiences and is a great way to advertise your new app. Select a blog that operates in the same industry and has the right readership to get more people interested in your business.

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