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Guide to Optimizing Product Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

Many businesses are turning to eCommerce, building heavy competition for each other. We all need smart marketing plans to grab a segment of the market and generate revenue. Creating awareness, building interest, and developing brand recognition is the easy part. Converting those leads is the actual challenge. Product pages are the best way to succeed in eCommerce. A well-executed page will get visitors to click on the “Add to Cart” button. We have a few tips to enhance the presentation and optimize pages for a better ROI.

Go Through Your Product Pages

Analyze your existing product pages first and look at them through the eyes of a customer. There might be some things that are hindering sales. Some critical issues are loading time, engagement, copywriting, and product description. The time it takes for a product page to load should be less than 5 seconds because that is how long visitors are willing to wait. Other design features such as pictures, content quality, and insufficient information also turn off customers. Make a list of what your pages lack so you will know where to make changes.

Provide Context

Context helps the customer get more information about the product and how it relates to the surroundings. Pictures are a great way to show that, and you can incorporate them into eCommerce development UK. A simple close up shot of something like a plate would not make sense unless you show it on a table next to cutlery. It will allow customers to estimate the size, shape, and depth of the item. You can use photos from multiple angles or demonstrate its features in a video. However, make sure the image size is not too large because it will affect the loading time.

Add a Share Button

Some people need advice from family and friends before they make a purchase. It is cumbersome to copy links and then open another application to paste in a chat.  A button that lets them share the product page on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp will help them make the decision faster. Adding small buttons at the top of the page or under the product picture will make them visible. Make social media sharing a part of your eCommerce development UK strategy and see conversion rates increase.

Allow Hover to Zoom 

Many online shopping experiences overlook the zoom feature for their product pictures. When customers are making online purchases, they want the photographs to be as detailed as possible. A hover-to-zoom helps customers check the item in detail without having to click anywhere. You can achieve better sales records with features like these through eCommerce web design UK. Also, providing all the information upfront will lower the chances of unsatisfied customers and refund requests.

Talk to your developers about improving the product pages and get the most out of your eCommerce web design.

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