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Top 10 Benefits of Housing Society Management Software

Living in housing societies and complexes brings a shared responsibility towards the communal facilities. Managing monthly maintenance payments, security, introducing changes, or btw rules can be challenging, especially if there are dozens of houses or multiple apartment buildings. Residential committees are for overseeing everything and solving prevailing issues. However, even they cannot track down every resident to communicate updates, so a web-based solution is required. These can be in the form of a website or application that makes managing societies a more straightforward task. They can send messages, alerts, receive complaints and handle monetary issues through this all-encompassing solution.

  1. Remind Residents About Due Payment 

The app can send reminders about the due date and generate slips so every household can submit their payments on time.

2. Collect Payments Online

A management system not only keeps track of payments but can have a portal for online transactions too. The built-in money transfer feature can save the residents’ as well as the committee’s time.

  1. Group Chat for Socializing

Cities can be alienating, and it is hard to break the ice with neighbours, but the group chats feature on the app can remove that awkwardness. Ask the application development UK team to include a chat feature in the software. You can discuss problems, make new friends and become an active part of your community virtually and eventually in real life too.

  1. Seek Domestic Help

Moving to a new area brings the additional challenge of finding further domestic help to lessen the burden of household chores. The community app can help you ask others for their recommendations. This way, you will find a reliable cook, driver, gardener, etc., without having to look everywhere. The personnel will register with the committee, so there is nothing to worry about either.

  1. Plan Events

The online community can be a great way to plan events during holidays and special occasions. Residents can communicate and delegate tasks to everyone interested in organizing the festivity. There can also be weekly, or monthly dinners with different sets of hosts selected using a built-in tool that application development UK will incorporate in the app.

  1. Have Emergency Contacts in One Place

A page dedicated to all relevant emergency contacts like security staff, committee chair, nearby hospitals, and police is necessary. This way, the residents can lodge complaints or call for help at the time of need.

  1. A Virtual Notice Board

Instead of wasting paper on printing notices and dropping them on every doorstep, you can use the online system to post updates to reach every person. You can also send notifications for important alerts, so nobody misses out on the information.

  1. Registry of All Residents

Each new tenant or homeowner in the community can go through mandatory registration on the online system made by application development UK. It helps keep files on everyone in one place. You can use the information in case of an emergency, and they are a great way to avoid fraud.

  1. Make Moving Out Requests

Apartment buildings go through many tenants during the year, and it is hard to keep track of each one. The system allows the renter to create moving out requests for the committee’s approval and helps make it easier to store that information and track the status.

  1. Access from Anywhere

Even if the residents are out of town, they will know what is going on back home through the app. It is a great way to stay connected and remain in touch with the community. The app also comes in handy for the older generation who do not use computers or laptops.

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