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5 Web Design Trends That You Cannot Miss in 2021

There are some aspects of web design that will never go out of style. A user-friendly browser experience, fast loading speeds, and data security are some of them. With that being said, some trends become fashionable every year, and designers have to continue to innovate their websites to keep up and compete with the expanding worldwide web. Listed below are some web design and development trends that we anticipate will be big this year.

Let There Be Darkness

After mobile apps, many websites are also shifting towards dark mode or using a darker theme as their default. This trend resulted from studies concluding that the glare and blue light from screens can negatively impact our circadian rhythm and drain battery life.

The dark mode is sleeker, classier, and easy on the eyes. It is also great for depicting the contrast between the background and the brightly colored design elements. You can even add a toggle to allow users to choose between light or dark according to their personal preferences.


The Opposite of Design

There is an anti-design movement that is slowly gaining momentum in the web design and development community. It rejects the established standards of design and embraces chaos and unsightly messes as a protest. These experimental designs use asymmetrical lines, distortion, layering, and mismatched colors to make a point. This trend is not for everyone, but if you are a non-conformist and want to create something different for your website, then anti-design is the way to go.

Less is More

Minimalism is one trend that continues to make a comeback every year. It has become the go-to design theme for certain graphic artists. It is primarily a design principle that uses basic shapes, monochromatic color palettes, empty spaces, and minimal text. The objective is to create something that is simple yet makes a lasting impression.

Minimalism maximizes the functionality and usability of the website by creating a less crowded interface. Minimalism will continue to be a significant component of UX and UI for many more years.

Draw it Yourself

In 2021 we will see many more illustrations as a part of graphic design not only on social media but also on websites. Many creators and businesses are catching on and asking designers to add more hand-drawn elements to their web pages. These illustrations add an authentic and inviting feel to the page and allow people to celebrate differences and advocate for inclusivity in their depictions of people.

What Can it Do?

Still, images and designs are a thing of the past. Video, GIFs, games, and polls are interactive design elements that use motion and movement to entrap the audience. It is an easy way to make the website more exciting. Many businesses are now adding more ways for their audience to interact with their website by introducing such design elements. They can use them to create brand awareness, market new products, and collect user data in a fun way.

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