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The Biggest Changes Seen in Digital Marketing in 2021

Things change so fast, especially in the digital world, and trends lose their relevance in days. Businesses often struggle to keep up and rely on the help of a digital marketing agency in London. The agencies need to do their research and keep up with how the customer and their needs evolve. The marketer needs to spend time researching and continue to acquire new skills to design current and successful campaigns.

Knowledge of the algorithms, platforms, and tools is necessary to use them to your advantage. You can figure out the different ways you can facilitate your target audience and help them discover your brand. With the year almost coming to an end, we have rounded up some of the most popular new additions to the world of marketing. These concepts have been around for a while but have recently been adopted by marketing teams for campaigns.

SEO for Voice Search

Voice search is prevalent, especially amongst the younger generation, and with the advent of smart speakers by Google, Amazon, and Apple, it is much easier to look things up. Voice search is also a significant feature in smartphones, and it helps people control stuff while they are hands-free. They have their assistant setting their reminders, sending messages, answering their questions, and recommending places or products.  

People are now accustomed to the behavior, and agencies in London can take advantage of that. They are making it easier for users to discover their business or using their platforms to answer questions. Users can send audio commands to their phones with personalized marketing and pull up your website or company information. Experts project the technology will continue to grow, and more people will find items they want to buy using voice search.

It means the technology is here to stay, and digital marketers would be missing out by not availing the opportunity. The marketing team should optimize the content on websites and social media according to the voice search algorithm. The standard SEO rules do not apply here, and there needs to be specific optimization for a voice search. It should be on the first page when someone uses their voice to look up a product or service you are offering. 


Programmed and Automated Advertising

We are now in the future, and we can even hand over advertising to programs. Programmatic advertising uses software to purchase advertising and skip the process of proposals, quotes, and negotiation. Machines and algorithms will take care of everything and target a particular audience. Automation makes the process quick and efficient, and it lowers costs as well.

Artificial intelligence uses real-time bidding where they can buy advertising space to target customers much faster. The advertisements are sold per target audience, so only specific visitors interested will be seeing the ad. This type of marketing is becoming more popular, and it is predicted that a majority of the advertising spaces will switch to it in the upcoming years. One example of an advertising space that has adopted programmatic advertising is ‘The Economist.’ They have introduced it for their digital and print edition, increasing their readership because of the curiosity and hype.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels was released at a reasonable time because TikTok was banned at that time. It follows a similar short video format and is a new feature to the media-sharing app. Reels bring in higher engagement rates which is why it is a blessing for agencies in London. People are more likely to watch these videos, and they can spend hours browsing through them because the following relevant clip plays automatically.

Instagram Reels has also launched an insight feature for users, and it allows you to analyze how each video is doing with the audience. The digital marketing team can showcase their products, offers, services and even create informative content with Reels. The unit can track how well the video is doing and figure out a formula that works for them. Since the videos are short, you only have a few seconds to make an impression; hence quality and innovation matter. You can gain more followers with an effective Reels campaign as it has been the trend throughout the year.

YouTube Shorts

Another app that has jumped on the short video trend is YouTube. They have introduced “Shorts,” which are like Reels and for videos up to 15 seconds long. YouTube is already a video-based platform, so it is natural for them to join the trend. Now brands do not need to create long, professionally shot videos for their YouTube channel. They can create engaging 15-second clips to communicate with their viewers and gain more subscribers. 

24-Hour Stories

Snapchat introduced the concept of “Stories,” which are posts added to your profile for 24 hours. Instagram and Facebook soon followed suit and allowed users to share their thoughts, photos, and videos similarly. The content is easy to view and quick to swipe through, and it helps brand share in real-time. 

Stories are used to cover events, launches and create a genuine connection with the audience. There are ways to tag accounts, add locations, and use filters to make your stories more exciting. Brands have the option to add links and redirect followers to their website or online shop as well. Stories are much easier to upload, and you can also interact with users through polls, suggestions, and reactions.

Snapchat allows businesses to create their geofilters or lenses, encouraging users to add them to their Snaps. These can be tagged to a specific location and center around a particular holiday or event. Instagram now has the option to share your feed posts to Stories, which helps it reach wider audiences. There are many ways for marketing experts in London to use Stories for brand awareness, and they can get as creative with it as their imagination allows.

International Advertising

The digital world does not have any borders or dividing lines, and businesses find it easier to collaborate. Companies can run their advertisements abroad and target customers in foreign countries. ISETech can help you reach out to a broader audience in different lands while minimizing costs. It is often cheaper to run an ad in another country, and international advertising has picked up this year, especially for digital goods and services businesses. 

Keeping Up with Trends

The digital world is dynamic and continues to change every day, and marketers need to be on their feet. They have to stay updated on the latest technology and check what customers are talking about or their reactions to your content. The product communication needs to be executed in a way that helps a business stay in the audience’s good books.

It is a race to stay relevant and this fast-paced world because you can have more conversations with the audience. By appealing to their interests and finding common ground, a marketing team can bridge the gap between themselves and their customer. 

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